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In a rapidly changing industry, Team Worldwide is able to provide solutions for the Ecommerce segment, thanks to over 15 years of service in this vertical and a trust within our network that is unmatched across the U.S.

Potential customers for a freight forwarder include large internet e-commerce companies such as Amazon, smaller regional or single country customers, or a single company looking to sell business to business or business to consumer.

With e-commerce being highly digital, it’s no surprise the number of people selling e-goods is high. Common types of digital products include e-books, online courses, software, graphics, and virtual goods. Having an online storefront is one of the most straightforward ways to conduct e-commerce.

According to Bob Imbriani, Vice President of International Services at Team Worldwide, e-commerce has become a bigger part of the logistics and supply chain world. “The expansion includes both pure domestic as well as international transactions. We have seen major e-commerce companies like Amazon expanding into areas that were previously the domain of freight forwarders, airlines, truckers, warehousemen, and even integrators,” Imbriani said. “Not only have the number of transactions been growing, but so have the size and type of commodities being sold and more transactions now include business to business as well as business to consumer. As an industry, we make adjustments and find ways that we can participate in and benefit from the expansion of e-commerce. 

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