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Learn About / Securing and Stabilizing the Load

Stretch wrapping is commonly and effectively used to increase the integrity of the palletized shipment. However, many shipments are incorrectly wrapped. Securing the load to the pallet should be accomplished by banding/strapping the load to the pallet. Then full stabilization can be attained with stretch wrapping over the banding. Note that stretch wrap should be applied tightly to prevent load shifting, and there should be a three inch overlap both at the top and at the pallet base.

  • Anchor the stretch wrap to the pallet and wrap the lower layer and pallet three to four times
  • Spiral up the pallet load overlapping by approximately 50%
  • Wrap the top layer three to four times and stretch the film diagonally over the top corners
  • Spiral back down overlapping again by approximately 50% and tie off at the pallet