Aerospace / Rogers Case Study

CUSTOMER: Rogers Helicopters, a family owned and operated company based in Fresno, California, is in our 52nd year of continuous operation providing on demand helicopter and airplane charters, maintenance, and support to companies throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the world. Rogers is involved in utility, power line construction, external
load operations, fire fighting, government assistance, oil production/exploration, logging, and filming.

NEED: We all know seconds matter when a fire is consuming the forests across California. Rogers acts as a local helicopter firefighting operation helping out with the forest fires recently
happening in California. When Rogers communicates an immediate need to deliver replacement parts to a “down” chopper, they expect a solutions provider that they can trust will provide efficient
service for their urgent needs. Due to the urgency of this type of situation, Rogers and Team both know we do not have an option to fail. Lives can literally be lost if we do not meet the customer’s need.Outside of the offering solutions to the firefighting helicopters, Team also provides solutions to Rogers for their Tours Service, providing customers with once-in-a-lifetime helicopter tours over the outer Hawaiian Islands. In a situation like that, money matters. Providing replacement parts out to Rogers in a quick turnaround can save the company costs and customers.

SOLUTION: Our Team Worldwide office in Fresno has built a long-standing relationship with Rogers. Team FAT fully realizes that AOG needs from Rogers should always be treated as an emergency and are typically life or death situations. Our staff has determined a quick and effective solution that meets Rogers needs. Consistency and concise communication are key. Team Worldwide is able to compete against other solutions providers in Fresno, thanks to our ability to offer true overnight service to the Hawaiian Islands where the competition cannot. Less pressure on these moves but basically if a chopper is down, no tourist flights are offered for the day (helicopter seats 8 people, $299 per seat, 8 flights a day). It can cost the operator $10,000 per day when he cannot fly the tourists so you can see the emergency situation.

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